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Antonio Cesaro is a beast. Regardless of how you believe the WWE superstar acquired his physique, there’s no doubting that the guy possesses some serious strength.

Here’s a clip of a workout he did recently for the far too many people that were allowed in the gym to film it:

Because this is just a short clip, we can’t accurately determine his set and rep counts, but we can identify the exercises he performs. But you should be determining reps/sets according to your fitness goals anyway, so Cesaro’s counts don’t really matter.

Let’s break down his routine:

1) He appears to start out with some free-standing body weight squats to warm up.

primary targets: quadriceps, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, hips.

2) Pushups. Standard hands-under-shoulders form. Merging into…

3) ….One-handed pushups, merging into…

4)…clap pushups.

primary targets: pectoralis major, triceps, anterior deltoids.

5) Sagittal Plane pull-ups. That is, palms facing his ears.

primary targets: latisimus dorsi, pectoralis minor, biceps, teres major.

6) Clean and Jerk. 15 kg per side.

primary targets: quads, glutes, hams, erector spinae, arms, shoulders…. pretty well everything.

Everything is pretty run of the mill, until he does this next one.

7) Single Arm Barbell Snatch. Both Arms. 15 kg per side.

primary targets:quads, hams, glutes, back, abdominals, and then isolating the arm and shoulder muscles of the specific side arm.

***note: this is an extremely dangerous exercise, with great potential to cause injury. Do not attempt this exercise without supervision.***

8) Deep Squats. Assuming red plate is 15 kg, black 25 kg, and 2x grey @ 20 kg, then that’s 60 kg per side, and a 20 kg bar, that’s 140 kg total/about 310 lbs.

primary targets: quads, glutes, hams…. with this much weight, low back and abdominals will need to be strong to maintain proper form.

There you have it! You can now go workout like a WWE superstar. With the exception of the last two exercises, this seems like a rather light routine, but it’s all in how you perform it, and how many times. You can crank up the intensity on all of these and make it a killer workout.

Stick with it long enough and maybe you’ll be able to do this someday: