Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what some former clients have said about their time training with me:


Living in Kelowna, there are always a ton of trainers to choose from. I personally went around feeling out which trainer would suit me best and who would push me to excel out of my comfort zone. I strongly felt that out of every guy I talked to, Dave was the best. He showed professionalism, and listened to what I felt I needed to work on. The way he structured his programs I felt benefited me to the best possible. Every time we worked together, he made sure he was pushing me to get the best possible results. Come hockey season I felt in the best shape of my life. I don’t think I could have made the jump to junior if it wasn’t for the help from Dave. I would highly recommend him for anyone wanting to reach their goals because I personally know he will try and do everything to get you there.

-Adam; WHL/BCHL goaltender


Over the course of my hockey career I have gone through many personal trainers that have helped me develop and improve my overall strength and conditioning.

I have only had one that has not only drastically changed the physical conditioning of my body, but has also taught me many morals to live a healthy lifestyle by.

I believe if you are serious about becoming an overall peak performance athlete or switching to a healthier lifestyle, Dave Cunning is the man to help achieve your goals. He will push you to your limits, but at the end of the day it will leave you feeling great about yourself!

In my personal experiences with Dave, I was training to stay in shape for hockey. I always wanted to be quicker, faster and stronger. I truly felt that, even after every workout we had together, I could feel myself improving in every aspect of my game. The results I received were overwhelming, I couldn’t believe how much they helped. To this day I still use Dave’s training methods.

From an everyday individual to a world class athlete, Dave has what it takes to get you to the top!

-Mark; WHL/KIJHL defenceman


My name is Cam, and I had the pleasure of working with Dave over the course of a few months at World Gym in Kelowna BC. I first met Dave through hockey — both teaching with him at a local hockey school, and later on working with him as he helped coach myself and other fine hockey players on my local college hockey team. As a hockey goalie I always had a good knowledge of the proper eating habits, work ethic and training regimends that were needed to keep in peak physical form, but I found myself lacking the necessary motivation to do so during my gym time. When I first went to Dave we set out a very simple goal to improve my overall conditioning as well as help cut off some unwanted pounds. Dave was extremely helpful in bringing me back into my hockey background of training and pushed me every second we spent together to go for that extra minute, lift, or whatever exercise we were doing. In a matter of a few short weeks I found a noticeable change in both my conditioning, endurance and physical aspects of my body. I would recommend Dave to anyone out there who is looking to have an enjoyable experience at the gym, as well as be pushed beyond their full potential.

-Cam; Kelowna, BC


A few months back, I was looking to start getting myself into shape. Having been a former smoker and not so dedicated to taking care of my health, I had no idea where to start. I had heard that Dave knew his way around the gym, so I got in touch with him and asked him to start training me.

Before we ever hit the gym, Dave and I got together and discussed what I was looking to do – my specific goals. Then, he took some measurements and formulated a workout routine, geared to the results that I was looking for.

Once in the gym, Dave walked me through and showed me the equipment. He was very thorough in showing me what I should be doing, why I was doing it, and what the results would be. He was also very attentive to not over-push to the point of injury.

Within the first couple of weeks, my wife and friends commented on some noticeable results – better posture and toned shoulders and upper body. His encouragement, support, and knowledge gave me an appreciation for the gym, good health, and a desire to keep going. I’d recommend Dave Cunning to anyone looking to get into shape.

-Tom;  Jeju, South Korea 


I am faithfully [and joyfully] going to the gym now twice a week and working on my 5 favourite machines. My upper arms are firmer, core stronger, legs looking slimmer. And, keeping my weight in that ‘happy’ range. Hey, for a 71 year old that’s pretty darn good.
A 65 year old guy ‘started a conversation’ that he thought was going to go somewhere… till I told him my age. Shocker… he thought I was in my fifties.
And, my comfort zone is due to your helping me back to being comfortable in the gym and with the machines. I’m grateful.
-Claire; Kelowna, BC

Hi Dave,

Just letting you know that I really enjoyed having you as my trainer. You made my workouts more interesting and challenging and helped me push myself just that little bit harder that I needed.
A special thanks for helping my husband to get in shape and lose all that weight!

Laura; Peachland, BC


I have really enjoyed your program for me and my time at World Gym.  I am very pleased with your efforts and very much want to continue the program.

-Gordon; West Kelowna, BC


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